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Benched Sinner aims to build a new, healthy and enticing online environment for the masses who celebrate the night.

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We are all about spreading the lifestyle to the world.
If you have been a rebellious spirit roaming the Earth creating mayhem and have made a lifestyle change, this is the style you ought to carry!
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Providing help to those struggling with drugs, alcohol, or other addictions. We offer a 24 hour at a time reminder.

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It just needs to look a bit different

Here at Benched Sinner, we encourages you to DO anything you want, BE anything you can dream...within reason! Because we know YOU CAN!

Dreams do come true

Welcome ~ Take the Bench! We are glad you made it!

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Why Choose Benched Sinner?

Life is all about persevering in difficult times and focusing on the positives. No doubt that can be challenging at times - we are here to help you through. Benched Sinner is dedicated to those who keep going with their chins up.

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About us

Cursed from Birth [coming soon]

A fictional story about the journey around how to arrest ones Inner Demons
Build Sober Alt. Spaces

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