About Us

Benched Sinner's focus is to bring customers towards meeting their best versions of self. By chackling our own inner demons, we encourage you to do the same. Only then will we meet our truest form of self and align ourself onto to the path best meant for us.


Be different, be you.

When you choose our clothes, read our blog and follow us, you support this store. We believe that in return it will strengthen your commitment to following your own path.

We are small and growing. Benched Sinner LLC is always committed to excellence and we guarantee that you will appreciate the unique visuals, amazing alternative style and deliveries.

There is a lot of pain floating in this world. Benched Sinner's community wants to encourage people dealing with addiction and poor mental health to get past those problems and flourish. Enjoy letting go of that unhealthy baggage.

Our inner demons can "Take the Bench," meaning take a back seat.


CEO (mottos for customers)

*If you are in the dark, seek the silver lining

*You are never alone, so make yourself known

*If you want what "they have", then do what "they" do and vice versa

*Never give into your shadow self. It gets to live, but it mustn't rule

*Always leave the world better than you found it

*The only opinion that matters, is your own towards yourself.

*Most everything that matters starts from within

It’s very important for us to bring in a unique perspective and a way to enjoy and cherish an alternative lifestyle. All you have to do is to browse our store and find the right clothing pieces that will help you push the limits and motivate yourself to achieve all the goals you have in mind, whether it’s being sober or just recovering from an issue! We hope this site makes you happy.

Benched Sinners become Benched Winners, spread the word so the world can heal

Our vision We want to live in a world where people can finally solve any of their issues quickly. Our focus is to empower everyone get past their problems and live a healthier, happier life.

Support : 9: 00 am – 6:00 pm (Monday  -  Friday)

Email: mybenchedsinnerstory@gmail.com

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Our mission Benched Sinner is focused on building a powerful, empowering online environment that helps people push their lives to the next level.

Our values Benched Sinner is a company focused on helping others, reaching amazing results and truly pushing the limits every day. We are ready to help people become sober, stay happy and enjoy life!

contact at mybenchedsinnerstory@gmail.com