Are You There Doorknob? It's Me, Kate.

Have you ever explored the concept of a higher power? It can be a deity, nature, or even a simple object that brings you comfort and happiness. It's a personal and subjective experience, but it can provide a sense of purpose, meaning, and connection.

In my journey to find my higher power, I started with something as simple as a doorknob. I imagined it loving and supporting me, bringing me comfort and hope. Focusing on something simple kept my mind from searching for ways to disprove it, and allowed me to pour all my hopes and fears into it without needing proof.

I explored spirituality and religion, reading books, attending services, and seeking out spiritual mentors. I spent time in nature, appreciating the beauty and complexity of the natural world. And through contemplative practices like meditation and prayer, I connected with my inner self and higher power.

As time went on, I felt drawn to a specific deity, and this became my burning bush moment. Believing in my higher power gave me so much comfort and support. I felt safe and direction, and started to dream of a future and have goals to work towards.

This journey taught me that at the core of recovery is love. Allowing others, including my higher power and community, to love me until I was ready to love myself. And in doing so, I eventually became that source of love for myself, feeling connected to my higher power who believes in me and wants great things for me.

So, if you're exploring the concept of a higher power, remember that it's a personal and subjective experience. Find what feels authentic and meaningful to you, and allow yourself to be loved until you're ready to love yourself.

Welcome to the bench. You are loved.





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