Values vs. Demons


The weighing of decisions can feel like a great responsibility and it can seem impossible to overlook. At times, our actions and choices are linked to outcomes and consequences. For the most part, at any given moment a chance may present itself calling for us to make one pivotal course of action.

>>There are trillions of examples. There are big moment examples and ones that appear less crutial. For example: An opportunity to give our last cash dollar to someone who is asking for change - or not, may seem to be on a different tier than chosing to do something when you witness assult and chosing to do nothing about it. 
>>Sometimes we may think we will behave in a way that when the time comes, we dont end up acting. Sometimes we miss an opportunity, that in our core we regret passing up. So what does that mean? Does that make us selfish, terrible people? Terrible? Unlikely. Selfish? Possibly.
>>When we decide that we have a choice to make. We can wait for the next person after we walk through and hold the swinging door - or  not. We can throw our trash in a garbage and not cement - or we can decide to litter. We can practice good self care regularly - or we choose cannot.
>>Lately I've realized that these decisions are tests and also indicators to show us where we are and who we are. If something doesnt sit right after the fact- we can seek redemption,  by next time acting differently. Nothing and no one may demand we choose option B over option A. And if they are and that's not who you choose to become, change the influences around you.
>>Not even one of us will ever be "perfect". It's humanly impossible. But we have choices evey day that do bring huge results- will they be good or will they be negative?

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