Simple Steps to Help You Get Started on Quitting Alcohol

Simple Steps to Help You Get Started on Quitting Alcohol

Alcohol is a big part of our lives. Whether it's a Friday night out with friends or celebrations to mark a life event, alcohol is a staple in our society. Quitting alcohol is a big step, but one that could have huge benefits for your physical and mental health. Whether you're trying to quit alcohol for good or just want to take a break to stay in control, this blog post is for you. We will cover the following topics:

1. Why you should quit alcohol

Quitting alcohol can be a daunting task. It's tough to start over when you have such a long history with it. But it can be done. And it's not as bad as you might think it is. If you want to quit alcohol, you can follow these simple steps to get started. First, you should take a deep breath and remind yourself of why you want to quit. Many people have a hard time because they don't have anything to replace it. But that doesn't mean you have to. There are so many things you can do to keep yourself busy. And don't forget that quitting alcohol is also a good way to save money.


"This topic is important to us, we believe every word will help you. Benched Sinner LLC would like to remind you that it's okay to not be okay. It's up to you to face the blue, dark and gloomy haze and change that feeling into something better, lighter and brighter. It requires you being in it to win it! ~ Once you quit, you are never alone"

2. Simple steps to quitting alcohol

If you're trying to quit alcohol, it can be really hard sometimes. Alcohol is a substance that we all have in our lives, so it's not always easy to stop. You might have to give up a lot of things that you enjoy in order to stop drinking. But if you're willing to make a change for yourself, you can quit alcohol and have a better life. Here are some simple steps that can help you get started on quitting alcohol. 

 -Make a list of all the reasons you want to quit drinking alcohol 

(1...2...3...4...write and discover your motives. What is happening due to the drinking? What would you like to have in the future that you can't have if you continue to drink? In 5-10 years what might the outcome be in you continue using?) 

-Discuss the list with your friends and family (Take the thoughts out of your head and speak them into exsistance. Make them real through discussion. A little effort consistently, will go a long ways)

-Find a support group of sober individuals (Find the people who reflect the goals you seek to achieve. People become products of their environment. This will work in your favor)

-Create a plan of what you will do when you're not drinking (Find your natural purpose. Yes. Craving suck! But did you know that cravings will come and cravings will go...naturally? 4 minutes of distraction is all that it takes. Write, go for a walk, call a friend, play an instrument, watch a movie, make some art, build something, play a game...get creative. The craving will have passed. Do this each time for successful results. You might even work on that thing thats been in your head feeling untouchable)


-Reward yourself when you are successful (You are smart, you are resilient and your body is clean and serene! Grab a snack and go to the movies with the money you just saved, whatever sober fun you can think of. You've earned it)

3. How to get through withdrawal

People who are trying to quit alcohol often find that it is very difficult to do so. Alcohol is so ingrained into culture that it is hard to get away from it. However, there are some simple steps you can take to help you get started on quitting alcohol. First of all, you should make a list of everything you are going to do to help you quit alcohol. This list should include everything from how much you are going to drink to what you are going to eat. It is also important to set a goal for yourself. For example, if you are going to quit alcohol for a month, you should set a goal of not having a drink for a whole month. If you are going to quit for a year, you should set a goal of not having a drink for a whole year. It is important to think about what you want to accomplish and set a goal for yourself. The next step is to make a list of all the things you need to do. This list should include everything from how you are going to deal with your cravings to how you are going to change your routine. It is important to be prepared when trying to quit alcohol.


"Benched Sinner LLC would like to state that it is also important to do everything in your power to consider your safety during a quit in some cases. If you're worried about your quit, we recommend a taper. Less and less, rewarding the moments you don't drink and then...quit! ~We did it and so can you"

4. Aim for self transcendence

Quitting alcohol is never easy. It is one of those things that you have to want to do in order to actually make it happen. It is important to be patient and to stick with your plan. You will be surprised how easy it will be to quit drinking once you put your mind to it. If you are thinking about quitting alcohol, here are a few things to consider. It is important to know why you want to quit drinking. What are your goals? What are your motivations? You should also take time to think about the impact that alcohol has on your life. Is it really worth it? You should also be aware of the benefits of quitting alcohol. You will feel better, have more energy, sleep better, and have an overall better lifestyle with better relationships.


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