One take on Nicotine


Nicotine, a type of neurotoxin, is an addictive chemical that has a direct effect on the nervous system. Nicotine is named after the tobacco plant Nicotiana tabacum, which in turn is named after Jean Nicot, the French ambassador in Portugal, who sent tobacco and seeds from Brazil to Paris in 1560 and promoted their medicinal use.

NICOTINE Addiction

Smoking is not only a bad habit but also an addiction. The drug inside tobacco that people are addicted to is called nicotine. Nicotine addiction is very common all over the world. Cigarettes are mainly made of nicotine. The availability of cigarettes is the concerning issue for this addiction.

Nicotine in cigarettes blocks nerves and muscles as a result, lung cancer, narrow blood vessels of the heart, heart attack, obstruction of blood flow to the brain, loss of sexual power, and various other damages to the body.

Reasons for use

Studies have shown that children are easily attracted to smoking if their father, elder brother, or someone else in the family smokes.

Teenagers often think that smoking enhances their smartness. Thereby, they are addicted to smoking. After a certain period of time, smoking becomes habitual to them and this leads them to drug abusers. 

Genes responsible for nicotine addiction. Due to certain genetic characteristics, people start smoking in adolescence and become chain smokers later. Due to this characteristic, a person can spend his entire life as a smoker.

This genetic risk is mainly responsible for becoming a chain smoker. Besides, most of the high officials cannot help smoking in the party.


Foods and drinks that don't encourage smoking should be avoided. For instance, meat, coffee, soft drinks, beer, and whiskey should be avoided. 

     I.         Chocolate and Chewing Gum

Always keep chocolate and chewing gum so that you can

   II.         Fruit and juice

Keep more fruits and vegetables on the food list because after eating these foods, the need to smoke is reduced. So, vegetables and fruits should be kept on the food list and should not be given after eating in places where there is a chance to smoke. Drink fruit juice and water after taking medicine.

It is difficult to decide to quit smoking and more difficult to implement the decision, but it is not impossible to execute the decision to quit smoking. For those, who are addicted to smoking, the following tips may help them to quit smoking.

First of all, you need a firm determination to quit smoking. Set a specific date, and remember that this date will never be changed. Before the date of quitting, convince yourself that it is the end of smoking cessation. Besides, avoid those friends and relatives who may allure you to smoke.

Make a list of why you want to quit smoking, and the list consists of your health risk, how people around you are affected, the impact of smoking on future generations, and financial loss.


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