I had 3 years and 2 months without smoking cigarettes. Actually I had that long without nicotine at all! I felt triumphant and invincible because I'd been hooked, I mean without knowing I was addicted to the substance I was.
So as soon as I got to a point on stopping I called 1-800-QUIT-NOW and began my quit process. I called in when I felt like smoking and in return they'd appreciate my effort to quit and in return sent me FREE nicotine quit tablets.
I spoke to my doctor and began taking a prescribed medication to lessen the urges- and within 2 months I no longer was a smoker. I was no longer a nicotine addict. 
It sounds simple and it was.
After 3 years and 2 months I started up again. My response to some raw emotions and life circumstances led me back into the spiral of buying more and more. I know that another quit is what I need and what I want.
For those out there planning on quitting like myself...there must be a pause in difficult situations when the 1st impulse is to get another hit. If it's what you truely desire YOU CAN QUIT. It's a choice to meet feelings and urges with facts and logic. And to no matter what not pick up.
I write this entry to commit to another longterm quit and urge you and others who are ready, to quit with me! 
TAKE THE BENCH FROM NICOTINE and other addictions here at Benched Sinner. There's always a better way to live life. A life UNHOOKED is a life worth fighting for. Defeat your inner demons today. 

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