Choose your feelings hack

I have times when I realize I feel awful. Like my dream girl cheated on me and broke my heart and my new psych meds are still calibrating kind of awful; I'd venture to guess many of you can relate. 

We’ve talked about sitting with our feelings and being ok with not being ok….this is next level.

I channeled all my empowerment to decide I will feel how I want to feel. I’m not claiming to be stronger than psychiatrics, or wiser than therapy. What I’m saying is that when you start to see your patterns of behaviors and feelings, you can start to genuinely guide them, and protect yourself

I decide what I want to feel, I think of things that make me feel that way and then I spend as much time as possible feeding that feeling. I’ve become fairly proficient at this self manipulation. What I can say is that now, when I want to pick up, I have other options. I can now encourage and direct the feelings I LIKE having.


Hey there, mental health warriors! Today, we're going to dive into the empowering world of emotional decision-making.

Picture this: you're feeling as awful as the time your dream girl shattered your heart into a million pieces while your new psych meds were still trying to find their groove. Talk about a double whammy. But here's the thing - I've discovered a way to turn the tables on these not-so-pleasant emotions.

Now, I'm not claiming to be some sort of superhero who can outsmart psychiatrics or outshine therapy; but what I am saying is that once you start recognizing patterns in your behavior and feelings, you can take the reins and genuinely guide them to better protect yourself. It's like becoming the CEO of your own emotional journey!

Sure, we've discussed the importance of sitting with our feelings and accepting that it's okay not to be okay. But what if I told you there's a next level to all this? Brace yourselves, because here comes the big reveal: I decide what I want to feel.

No, it's not some magical power that can erase sadness or anger. I use a skill that addiction has strengthened in me: manipulation. Manipulating myself! It's a process of intentionally choosing the emotions that resonate with us and actively seeking out experiences that cultivate those feelings. It's self-manipulation, but in a totally healthy and beneficial way.

Imagine having a bad day and craving the comforting embrace of an old behavior or picking up or going out. Well, now I have other options, the trick is to catch it early; for me it’s recognizing what’s going to be a trigger and start deciding how I want to feel before I devolve into cravings. Realizing this is not usually a good place I can encourage and direct feelings that I actually enjoy having instead.

It's like having a personal menu of emotions at my disposal. Feeling a little down? Why not order a side of joy by watching a hilarious comedy or spending time with loved ones who always bring a smile to my face? Need a boost of confidence? How about a main course of positive affirmations and self-care activities that make me feel like a million bucks? The possibilities are endless!                     

Of course, this doesn't mean ignoring or suppressing negative emotions. It's about acknowledging them and then consciously choosing to explore alternative emotions that can coexist alongside them. So now, instead of dwelling in a pool of despair, I can dip my toes into a more uplifting state of mind.

Now, I'm not saying it's a quick fix or a cure-all solution. Mental health is a complex journey that requires a multifaceted approach. But by taking charge of our emotional direction, we're empowering ourselves to navigate the highs and lows with a little more finesse.

So, my fellow mental health warriors, I invite you to join me on this journey of emotional decision-making. Let's make it a priority to decide what we want to feel and actively pursue experiences that foster those emotions. After all, life is too short to not indulge in the feelings that truly light us up. Cheers to taking control and embracing the power to feel how we want to feel!

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