Overcoming Inner Demons - Intro Course

Some of us are born running away from our inner light gladly in pursuit of idle pleasures, while others see their light inside at an early start and naturally bathe in it. The latter, seeming content and complete, doesn't appear to be drawn towards any rebellious tendencies and the former can't seem but to test the limits and bounds around.
For those who are born awakening to a seemingly, never ending darkness, I relate and want to emphasize, that there is something truly  wonderful about this fait.
It's not easy to think you'll be alone forever. That we are naturally "too weird" for people to comprehend, and that "if they only really knew the really me", no one with choose me as I am. But it's crazy when we realize that this belief of inadequacy isn't a product from self! Instead these tendencies are born from the shadow thoughts which I refer to as inner demons.
It's not simple to put aside the demons whispering inside our deep inner halls. They speak in our own voices and bombard us with scenarios of ourselves, insults to our very nature and mostly seeks and succeeds at worrying us to the core. These demons are fluent in words seeming true but their motives are clear. They call for our failure! They insult our intelligence! And urge us to fall short when victory is nearly upon us. 
These shadow thoughts are not who we are. They are not our true selves. They want free access to our motivations, our movements, our thoughts and it can feel like they have built a den in the spaces which were meant to be our safe place and intended to offer us peace. It can seem that with those demons occupying this space meant for inner growth and self reflection, there's no room left for light to expand...all there is - is darkness.
It is my belief that all of us have demons, but that their are some of us who are, simply put, more susceptible to being bombarded by them than others. After all some of the best rock and alternative subculutes are a prime examples of recorded stories of humans connecting with their inner demons, leaning into them to tell us the journey of their hauntings and what that road paved with demons has entailed.
"What doesn't kill us makes us stronger" is something I reminded myself again and again after I stepped out of my X years of drug dependency and into a new way of living. 
I learned to face my demons and the devils within and slayed them as they came for me without mercy. I relaized what purpose they'd served and why I would never find fulfillment living under their rule. So I am here to tell you as a survior of attacking demons, that the fight is hard but the rewards are great. I want you to keep fighting the shadows and purge it with light!
We become stronger, quicker, and learn steadily. The more we try and define our true selves,  the more we learn to succeed. Because as warriors, our lessons arrive promptly and repeatedly until we understand our next moves. I implore you to ask yourself if you can relate to this darkness I mention, "what can you learn from that shadow filled place inside you and what lessons have you learned facing your demons?"

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